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Tatiana is a joy and we don't know what we do without her, high standards & a hard worker. Justine, Stillorgan Co. Dublin

Maria is an excellent house cleaner. I cannot give enough credit in relation to her work and also how pleasant she is when in the house. She is a real credit to you guys. Paul M. Ringsend Dublin 4.

I am very pleased with Clecia my cleaner, she has been working in my home for 6 months. We are very happy with her cleaning work. She is hardworking, efficient and leaves my home in great condition. She is also very friendly, obliging & eager to do her best. Thank You! Ciara C. Rathfarnham Dublin 16

From the initial meeting with Juliana to discuss my home cleaning requirements through to the introduction of my cleaner, Time For You has been on hand to ensure that my cleaning needs have been met. Danielle is a reliable, hardworking cleaner and extremely easy to get on with. I would be happy to recommend Time For You to anyone who is looking for a professional reliable cleaning service. James – Dublin 5

We have our house cleaner from Time For You for a couple of years and the team continuously prove themselves to be professional, reliable and efficient. Our cleaner Ligia is lovely! Siobhan - Dublin 6W

I have been very happy with the cleaning service from Time For You and with Viviani our cleaner, please pass on my positive feedback. Patrick, Dublin 2

Thank you for an excellent cleaning job in my house in Castleknock. It was amazing such attention to detail. Thank you very much, Juliana and Time For You team
Michelle – Castleknock, Dublin 15

From the beginning I have received a quality home cleaning service from Time For You. My cleaner is always reliable and works to the highest standard. Juliana Maira our cleaner is excellent. We are delighted to recommend them to others.
Daniel - Dun Laoghaire

My apartment cleaner is great!! She works very hard and is trustworthy. Our apartment looks clean and tidy every week. I'd recommend Time For You Home Cleaning Services to anyone.
Samir – Dublin 2

I have found the Time For You home cleaning service to be excellent & our cleaner Natalia has been very flexible which was wonderful for us. John. Dublin 2

We are very happy with our cleaning service from Time For You, the cleaning work is always consistent & of high quality each week. Thank you, Eoin, Irishtown, Dublin 4

Good Morning, We just received a testimonial from Greg one of our clients in Ballsbridge, Dublin 4. Greg says that he has nothing but positives to say, every week our home is excellently cleaned, bathrooms, bedrooms & kitchen are left immaculate. We are extremely satisfied. - Thank You Greg, your feedback is very much appreciated.

All is going really well, I am so happy with Elaine. She is a great worker nothing is an issue, I really would be lost with out her and I don't know why I didn't get your service years ago...." Liz, Clonsilla, Dublin 15

I just wanted to let you know that Juliana is a great house cleaner, there is never a problem all our home cleaning requirements are completed every week. Thanks, Brian Dublin 4

My husband & I both work full time so we decided to take on a cleaner about a year ago. Sean called to meet me at our home & asked about our specific requirements. He then put Elena in touch with us & she started immediately. She does a professional & thorough job each time. I have never been disappointed with the standard of cleaning work & she simply texts me with any requirements for products etc.

The Time for You home cleaning service is totally professional & has made our lives so much more enjoyable taking the pressure of housework away. I would not hesitate to recommend Sean & his team to anyone.

Claire, Dublin 15.

As you know we are moving from Spencer Dock & I just wanted to say how pleased we were with Daniela, she always did a great job. We hope to resume the home cleaning service with you when we return.
Mark B. Spencer Dock, Dublin 1.

I have had our house cleaned on a weekly basis for over a year now with Time For You and all I can say is that the service has been excellent, our cleaner Elena is wonderful, she just knows exactly what needs to be done and takes all the stress of housework away from us.
P.Cook, Monkstown, Co. Dublin.

Vivienne our cleaner is excellent, definitely more time for myself and it is a pleasure to come home when she has been. I have recommended Time For You to friends & colleagues. Thank you.
E.Murray, Hanover Quay, Dublin 4

I would like to say how satisfied we are with the service from Time For You, Maria is a pleasure, efficient, honest & very reliable. As we both work fulltime and the hours seem to get longer we can tell you that a great weight has been taken off our shoulders.
M. Clough, Adelaide Rd. Dublin 4

After having several cleaning ladies over the last two years or so can I just say how delighted I am with Catalina, her work is to a very high standard and all the weekly cleaning tasks are taken care of.
S. O'Gorman, Crumlin, Dublin 12

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Terms & Conditions

Tuesday, August 31, 2010 By: CleanMyHome

    The Householder’s attention is drawn in particular to the provisions of clauses 10.3 and 10.4, and the privacy policy referenced in clause 10.4, which govern the transfer of information between Time For You and Time For You Limited.

    For the purpose of this Agreement:
    The Term “Time For You” means the franchisee of Time For You Limited whose details are stated overleaf;
    The term “Householder” means the Householder or Householders whose details appear overleaf, and the singular term shall be deemed to include the plural where applicable;
    The term “Time For You Limited” means Time For You Limited (registered in England and Wales with company number 4325626), the franchisor which grants all franchises for Time For You Limited businesses;
    The term “Retainer” shall mean the payments stated overleaf to be made by the Householder to Time For You;
    The term “Website” means the website at operated by Time For You Limited; and
    The term “Cleaner” means a cleaner from the database of cleaners maintained by Time For You.
    Time For You reserves the right to amend the terms and conditions of this Agreement, and shall inform the Householder of such changes by posting them to the Website, and/or sending or otherwise providing them to the Householder, not less than thirty (30) days before implementation of such changes.
    Time For You shall introduce a Cleaner to the Householder subject to the terms and conditions of this Agreement, to provide the hours of work specified overleaf as may be varied from time to time by prior agreement between the Householder and the Cleaner subject to the Householder’s compliance with the minimum Retainer specified by Time For You from time to time. Note that changes to the number of hours shall affect payment to Time For You.
    The Householder shall pay Time For You the Retainer for the introduction of the Cleaner and ongoing support for the duration of the Agreement.
    This Agreement will be for a minimum initial period of thirteen (13) weeks as from the date of signature and shall continue thereafter on a month-to-month basis.
    The Householder shall sign, and return to Time For You, the standing order / direct debit mandate authorising payment of the Retainer, as specified overleaf, to be made from the Householder’s bank to Time For You quarterly in advance. Such payments shall continue until the Agreement is terminated in accordance with Clause 9 or cancelled under Clause 9.
    The payment of the Retainer for the initial period is payable on signature of the Agreement. However, Time For You shall not forward the standing order mandate for future payments to the Householder’s bank until after a Cleaner has been retained by the Householder.
    Any change to the hours as stated overleaf should be reported in advance to Time For You by the Householder and shall be subject to the appropriate adjustment to the amount of the Retainer.
    If a Cleaner is retained by the Householder for more hours than originally agreed, without the Householder paying an additional fee to Time For You, Time For You reserves the right to claim the additional fee due, plus interest, for any period that the additional fee became payable but remained unpaid.
    Where the payment by the Householder of the Retainer or any other sum payable under this Agreement is not received by Time For You by the due date, Time For You reserves the right to charge the Householder interest at the prevailing Bank of England Base Rate plus 2% for each day that the total amount outstanding or any part of it remains unpaid.
    The failure to pay any Retainer payment for more than one month shall constitute a serious breach for the purposes of Clause 8.3 and Time For You shall accordingly be able to terminate this Agreement without prejudice to its right to charge interest on the overdue amount and/or to recover the outstanding amounts and its reasonable costs incurred in so doing.
    The Cleaner is introduced to the Householder as a self-employed cleaner and the Householder shall retain the Cleaner under a “Contract for Services”, which for the avoidance of doubt shall be a separate contractual arrangement between the Householder and the Cleaner only. The Householder shall agree directly with the Cleaner the terms of that contract.
    The Householder shall agree with the Cleaner directly what services are to be performed by the Cleaner, and such services shall form the basis of the Cleaner’s obligations under the Contract for Services to be entered into. The Householder may change the scope and manner of the services contracted for under the terms of the Contract for Services at any time by reaching mutual agreement with the Cleaner.
    The Householder shall pay any Cleaner retained by the Householder at the rate agreed in the Contract for Services and such fees shall be paid directly to the Cleaner in accordance with that agreement.
    The Householder shall provide a safe working environment for the Cleaner at all times.
    Time For You shall introduce a Cleaner to the Householder in accordance with Clause 3.1.
    Where the Householder is unhappy with the Cleaner introduced by Time For You and/or notifies Time For You that, for whatever reason, the Cleaner’s services are to cease permanently, Time For You shall:

    endeavour to introduce a replacement Cleaner to the Householder; and
    issue the Householder with a refund or credit for any period that the Householder is without a Cleaner following the Householder’s notification of the same, save to the extent that by agreement with the Householder the replacement Cleaner provides additional services to compensate the Householder for services not received by the Householder during the period when there was no Cleaner retained. In such circumstances, the Agreement shall continue unaffected and all of the terms shall continue to apply.
    In the event that a suitable replacement Cleaner cannot be found and introduced to the Householder, then termination under Clauses 8.1 and/or 8.2 may apply.
    In performing its obligations under this Agreement Time For You shall use its reasonable care and skill.
    Subject to Clause 7.2 below, Time For You shall not be liable for:

    any losses incurred by the Householder as a result of any failure of a retained Cleaner to comply with his or her contractual obligations under the Contract for Services for whatever reason;
    failure of any retained Cleaner to return keys and any loss that may arise as a result;
    collusion or theft of property or possessions by a retained Cleaner.
    Time For You shall be liable to the Householder:

    where Time For You has not fulfilled its obligations to perform with reasonable care and skill under this Agreement or has failed to perform its obligations at all or to any significant extent;
    for death or personal injury caused by its negligence.
    Nothing in this Agreement shall affect the statutory rights of the Householder as a consumer.
    Time For You may terminate the Agreement at any time by giving not less than one calendar month’s notice in writing to the Householder. In such circumstances, the balance (if any) of the Retainer for the period after expiry of the notice shall be refunded to the Householder. Clauses 8.5 – 8.7 shall continue to apply.
    The Householder may terminate the Agreement to take effect at any time after the initial 13 week period by giving not less than one calendar month’s notice in writing to Time For You. In such circumstances, the balance (if any) of the Retainer for the period after expiry of the notice shall be refunded to the Householder unless expiry of the notice falls within the initial period in which case the Agreement shall terminate immediately after the initial period and without refund. If for whatever reason the initial payment has not been made to Time For You at the time the Householder serves notice of termination, the Householder shall remain liable to make such payment to Time For You. Clauses 8.5 – 8.7 shall continue to apply. (The provisions of this Clause 8.2 do not affect the rights of the Householder in respect of cancellation as set out in Clause 9.)
    Notwithstanding Clause 8.1, where the Householder has committed a serious breach of the terms of the Agreement, Time For You is entitled to terminate the Agreement immediately on written notice to the Householder, and, where applicable, Time For You shall take further action in connection with the said serious breach. Clauses 8.5 – 8.7 shall continue to apply.
    Notwithstanding Clause 8.2, where Time For You has committed a serious breach of the terms of the Agreement, the Householder is entitled to terminate the Agreement immediately on written notice to Time For You. In such circumstances, the balance of the Retainer for the remainder of the then current quarter shall be refunded to the Householder. In these circumstances, the remainder of this Clause 8 shall not apply to the Householder.
    For a period of twelve months following termination of the Agreement for any reason, the Householder shall not engage, directly or indirectly, as an employee, contractor, agent or otherwise any Cleaner who has been introduced by Time For You to the Householder. If the Householder does so engage a Cleaner in contravention of this Clause, then Time For You shall institute proceedings against the Householder to recover damages and costs.
    Where the Householder cancels the standing order / direct debit mandate without giving one calendar month’s notice to Time For You in writing, Time For You reserves the right to charge the Householder for any reasonable expenses incurred in respect of that cancellation in addition to any outstanding fee that remains due and payable plus interest.
    It is the responsibility of the Householder to ensure that the standing order / direct debit mandate paying the Retainer to Time For You is cancelled by the Householder’s bank upon termination of the Agreement. Payments received for any period after the Agreement has terminated shall incur an administration charge of up to a maximum of €45, the actual amount to be the costs and expenses incurred by Time For You in returning any such payment.
    IMPORTANT NOTICE: Please refer to the Notice of the Right to Cancel which forms part of this Agreement. The following provisions of this Clause are in addition to, and shall not affect, the statutory rights of the Householder as a consumer.
    Under The Consumer Contracts (Information, Cancellation and Additional Charges) Regulations 2013 the Householder has a right to cancel the contract within 14 days starting after the date the contract is entered into. The Householder may but is not obliged to give the cancellation in accordance with the attached Notice of the Right to Cancel. Time For You shall not be obliged to provide the services until the expiry of the 14 day cancellation period.

    If the Householder has requested in writing that Time For You provide services prior to the expiry of the 14 day cancellation period Time For You shall be entitled to charge (or deduct from any retainer payment) a sum of €50 or any advance retainer set out in the contract (whichever is the greater) and the Householder shall lose their right to cancel within 14 days.

    If the Householder has not made any payment under the contract any charges pursuant to this clause shall be due and payable upon written request.

    The provisions of Clauses 8.5 to 8.7 shall apply on cancellation of the Agreement under this Clause.
    The provisions of Clause 9.2 shall not apply if the Householder terminates the Agreement in response to a serious breach by Time For You.
    10. GENERAL
    Unless expressly stated otherwise, all representations, rights and obligations entered into by persons named as the Householder overleaf, if more than one, are given or entered into jointly and severally by each of those persons. Accordingly Time For You may take action against any one or more of such persons and may release or compromise the liability of any one or more of such persons without affecting the liability of the other(s).
    If any provision of this Agreement shall be found to be void, invalid or unenforceable, whether by a court of law, agreement of the parties or otherwise, the remainder of this Agreement shall remain in full force and effect notwithstanding any such invalidity, illegality or unenforceability but the provision in question shall be deleted.
    The Householder agrees to Time For You passing its non-financial personal data to Time For You Limited who may use it in accordance with the Privacy Policy, which shall include processing for the purposes of administration or to assist Time For You Limited in enforcing the terms of the franchise agreement with Time For You. Such data shall not be used by Time For You Limited for marketing purposes nor shall it be passed to any third party unless required to do so by law or in accordance with the terms of the Privacy Policy and/or franchise agreement between Time For You Limited and its franchisee.
    The Householder agrees to Time For You Limited transferring the personal data submitted by it to Time For You, in order for Time For You to perform its obligations under this Agreement, in accordance with the Privacy Policy.
    Any notice under this Agreement shall be in writing and (with the exception of the Notice of the Right to Cancel) shall be effective on actual or deemed receipt. Notice shall be given by personal service or by first class prepaid mail or by e-mail and shall be addressed to Time For You or to the Householder, as appropriate, at one of the addresses stated overleaf. Either party may, by written notice to the other, change the address to which notices to it may be sent. Deemed receipt shall occur in the case of personal service or e-mail on delivery and in the case of first class prepaid mail on the second working day after posting.
    Time For You reserves the right to cancel, amend, withdraw or change any promotion, special offer or other marketing offer howsoever made without any prior notice or approval to or from the Householder.