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Tatiana is a joy and we don't know what we do without her, high standards & a hard worker. Justine, Stillorgan Co. Dublin

Maria is an excellent house cleaner. I cannot give enough credit in relation to her work and also how pleasant she is when in the house. She is a real credit to you guys. Paul M. Ringsend Dublin 4.

I am very pleased with Clecia my cleaner, she has been working in my home for 6 months. We are very happy with her cleaning work. She is hardworking, efficient and leaves my home in great condition. She is also very friendly, obliging & eager to do her best. Thank You! Ciara C. Rathfarnham Dublin 16

From the initial meeting with Juliana to discuss my home cleaning requirements through to the introduction of my cleaner, Time For You has been on hand to ensure that my cleaning needs have been met. Danielle is a reliable, hardworking cleaner and extremely easy to get on with. I would be happy to recommend Time For You to anyone who is looking for a professional reliable cleaning service. James – Dublin 5

We have our house cleaner from Time For You for a couple of years and the team continuously prove themselves to be professional, reliable and efficient. Our cleaner Ligia is lovely! Siobhan - Dublin 6W

I have been very happy with the cleaning service from Time For You and with Viviani our cleaner, please pass on my positive feedback. Patrick, Dublin 2

Thank you for an excellent cleaning job in my house in Castleknock. It was amazing such attention to detail. Thank you very much, Juliana and Time For You team
Michelle – Castleknock, Dublin 15

From the beginning I have received a quality home cleaning service from Time For You. My cleaner is always reliable and works to the highest standard. Juliana Maira our cleaner is excellent. We are delighted to recommend them to others.
Daniel - Dun Laoghaire

My apartment cleaner is great!! She works very hard and is trustworthy. Our apartment looks clean and tidy every week. I'd recommend Time For You Home Cleaning Services to anyone.
Samir – Dublin 2

I have found the Time For You home cleaning service to be excellent & our cleaner Natalia has been very flexible which was wonderful for us. John. Dublin 2

We are very happy with our cleaning service from Time For You, the cleaning work is always consistent & of high quality each week. Thank you, Eoin, Irishtown, Dublin 4

Good Morning, We just received a testimonial from Greg one of our clients in Ballsbridge, Dublin 4. Greg says that he has nothing but positives to say, every week our home is excellently cleaned, bathrooms, bedrooms & kitchen are left immaculate. We are extremely satisfied. - Thank You Greg, your feedback is very much appreciated.

All is going really well, I am so happy with Elaine. She is a great worker nothing is an issue, I really would be lost with out her and I don't know why I didn't get your service years ago...." Liz, Clonsilla, Dublin 15

I just wanted to let you know that Juliana is a great house cleaner, there is never a problem all our home cleaning requirements are completed every week. Thanks, Brian Dublin 4

My husband & I both work full time so we decided to take on a cleaner about a year ago. Sean called to meet me at our home & asked about our specific requirements. He then put Elena in touch with us & she started immediately. She does a professional & thorough job each time. I have never been disappointed with the standard of cleaning work & she simply texts me with any requirements for products etc.

The Time for You home cleaning service is totally professional & has made our lives so much more enjoyable taking the pressure of housework away. I would not hesitate to recommend Sean & his team to anyone.

Claire, Dublin 15.

As you know we are moving from Spencer Dock & I just wanted to say how pleased we were with Daniela, she always did a great job. We hope to resume the home cleaning service with you when we return.
Mark B. Spencer Dock, Dublin 1.

I have had our house cleaned on a weekly basis for over a year now with Time For You and all I can say is that the service has been excellent, our cleaner Elena is wonderful, she just knows exactly what needs to be done and takes all the stress of housework away from us.
P.Cook, Monkstown, Co. Dublin.

Vivienne our cleaner is excellent, definitely more time for myself and it is a pleasure to come home when she has been. I have recommended Time For You to friends & colleagues. Thank you.
E.Murray, Hanover Quay, Dublin 4

I would like to say how satisfied we are with the service from Time For You, Maria is a pleasure, efficient, honest & very reliable. As we both work fulltime and the hours seem to get longer we can tell you that a great weight has been taken off our shoulders.
M. Clough, Adelaide Rd. Dublin 4

After having several cleaning ladies over the last two years or so can I just say how delighted I am with Catalina, her work is to a very high standard and all the weekly cleaning tasks are taken care of.
S. O'Gorman, Crumlin, Dublin 12

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Your weapons in the war to keep your house clean

Tuesday, October 19, 2010 By: CleanMyHome
Category: House Cleaning
Your Weapons In The War Against Dirt

Fighting dirt is an endless war where you must aim to win every battle.

You must have the tools at your disposal to deal effectively with everything thrown at you.

First, you need a cleaning ‘caddy’ or basket – one of those plastic trays with a handle – to keep all your cleaning materials together.

Next, you need to gather your basic day-to-day cleaning materials:

Liquid Cleaners:

  • Anti bacterial spray surface cleaner

  • Glass cleaner

  • Furniture Polish

  • Powder scourer, like soda crystals


  • Duster

  • A ‘greenie’ scrubber (thats the one with the sponge & one green side)

  • Small, stiff bristled brush, a toothbrush will work well

  • Small, soft paintbrush for delicate items

  • Micro fibre cloths – these are great for gathering dust & are washable

  • Lots of paper kitchen towels

  • Clean rags for applying polish & cleaning creams

  • Different coloured multipurpose cloths for kitchen & bathroom areas

Bin Bags for collecting rubbish & used paper towels.

Three must have home cleaning products

Monday, August 16, 2010 By: CleanMyHome
Category: House Cleaning

I read this short article recently in the August 2010 edition of Which Magazine.

This is an extract from  the article ‘Three must have home cleaning products’ see

Fairy Liquid Original has topped the Which tests since 1965  It proved to be the best value in 2009. It was best at removing grease & just a 2ml squirt can wash an impressive 48 plates – thats almost 11000 per bottle.

Cif Multi-Purpose Actifiz is the Which Best Buy Multi-surface cleaner, It was the only cleaner in the Which test that cut brilliantly through both tea & soap stains – plus its great at removing grease so it can handle any everyday cleaning task.

Lidl’s Formil washing powder does a great job of cleaning stains, keeping whites white & colours bright. Formil Bio is a great Value Best Buy, costing just 10p a wash – half the price of other Best Buys.

To see results from other tests on household products from sink unblockers and dishwasher detergent to energy saving light bulbs go to

Home Cleaning

Saturday, February 13, 2010 By: CleanMyHome
Category: House Cleaning

Its 10am on a Saturday morning, you’ve just got out of bed, you walk into your living room and groan…the couch, the coffee table are all in need of help! Is this another Saturday morning that you have to spend time cleaning and tidying? You wonder will this ever end?

Well heres a quick 15 minute clean that you can do, its not quiet as good as having a cleaner come in each week but its a quick fix !

1. Grab you basket with all your cleaning supplies

This always saves time ensuring you never have to look for dusters or cleaning sprays.

2. Have a large container

Remember this is a quick fix, you don’t have time to place everything back in its place around the house but you do need to get your living area presentable. So put all the out of place items in the container.

3. Take on the Coffee Table

Home Cleaning can be quick so just remove the unnecessary items, dust the surface, apply the polish and move on.

4. The Couch

Usually if your couch looks good the rest of the room looks good, so again remove any of the unwanted items, lift and fluff up the cushions, sweep off any old crumbs etc to the floor, rearrange the cushions and hey presto your nearly there!

5. Recycle magazines & books

As you are out and about all week you will have picked up newspapers, magazines & freesheets pop in your letter box so just drop them into the recycling bin and make room for all those bulky Sunday papers..!

6. The Floor

Now a quick vacuum or sweep and your nearly there.

7. Replace your basket

See Home Cleaning isn’t so bad after all!

Now you are prepared for any unexpected visitors!

Cleaning Supplies

Thursday, February 4, 2010 By: CleanMyHome
Category: House Cleaning

Its almost impossible to make a cleaning supplies list thats suitable for every home. Each home is different & we all have our own favourite cleaning products, so what I’ll do here is outline a basic list under a number of categories.

Dusting Supplies

The frequency you dust your home will depend on your decor, location, are there any allergy sufferers etc in your home. Hers is a good starting point:

  • Microfibre cloths & duster – these catch dust without it circulating ion the air, there are different types the washable ones are probably best as you can reuse them
  • Vacuum cleaner with the dusting attachment
  • Furniture Polish


Ideally have a bin in each room, ensure you use an appropriate bin liner. Also have dedicated recycling bin in your kitchen or utility room.

General Surface Cleaning

All our surfaces get dirty to varying degrees so we need to ensure we have a good all purpose cleaner handy to take care of those spills & grime.

  • All purpose cleaner
  • Kitchen paper
  • Gloves
  • Scrubbing sponges ‘greenies’ those are the sponges with the little green layer on one side

Special Surfaces

Most homes will have a surface or two that requires special attention, here its best to follow either the manufacturers or suppliers instructions.

  • Oven Cleaner – we like Oven Pride
  • Stone / Granite / Marble Cleaner check with your supplier
  • Leather cleanser
  • Laundry Stain Remover something like ‘Spot On’
  • Glass Cleaner
  • Bleach
  • Air Freshener


The floors are subjected to the most wear & tear in your home so again careful attention must be paid to keeping them in top condition. The best defence is to have a really good door mat at your external doors, something like a coir mat outside and inside we suggest a ‘Turtle Mat‘. They come in a range of attractive designs, are fully washable and really capture the dirt off your shoes.

Here you will need:

  • Broom & Dust Pan
  • Mop & bucket
  • Floor Polish


Tuesday, February 2, 2010 By: CleanMyHome
Category: House Cleaning

Are you considering taking on a cleaner to look after your home?

Do you find you are spending your weekends cleaning and tidying?

If so consider Time For You Home Cleaning Services. Time For You Home Cleaning Services has been established in Dublin since 2006. We already clean hundreds of homes in Dublin; we have a large pool of experienced cleaners covering all areas of Dublin. Our cleaners will come to your home on the day and the time that suits you best, the ladies will take care of the cleaning chores that you request, ironing is also an option.

The hourly rate charged is a competitive €15.36 inc VAT & Insurance. There are no extra charges.

So why chose a cleaner from Time For You?

  • Time For You Home Cleaning Service is established in Dublin since 2006
  • We have a large pool of experienced English speaking cleaners
  • We will work with your schedule – you pick the day & the time of the visit
  • You will have the same cleaner for each visit
  • You will also get to meet your cleaner informally before work commences
  • You will deal directly with the business owner in all aspects of the home cleaning service
  • We visit your home to meet & discuss your personal home cleaning requirements

We look forward speaking with you in the near future, or email us on


Sean Moylan

087 662 4524

Cash for Clients!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010 By: CleanMyHome
Category: House Cleaning

Time For You Home Cleaning (Dublin)

We want to give you some cash!

Refer a friend and I’ll give you a €30.00 gift voucher to say thanks!

My best new clients are the ones that have been referred to me. Thats because a friend has already told them what a great job we do.

So when you refer a new client and they start using our home cleaning service, I’ll say Thank you with a €30.00 gift voucher.

Please call me on 01 406 5426 or 087 662 4524 or email:

Best Regards


Cleaning Laminate Floors

Tuesday, January 19, 2010 By: Cleaner (admin)
Category: Cleaning Tips
cleaning your laminate floor

cleaning your laminate floor

Cleaning your laminate floor

Do you have laminate flooring in your home? If so you know that it is one of the most durable and one of the most easy types to take care of. Yes laminate is low maintenance, but you must still look after it in order to preserve its appearance for years to come.

Laminate flooring is a composite, designed to be hard wearing & scratch resistant, but care must be taken from grit on shoes, and certain cleaning materials which can cause damage to the protective layer. Firstly have a good floor mat at your entrances, one outside to clear the heavy dirt from shoes and another inside, also on tables and chairs place casters or the foam pads on legs, when moving furniture ensure that you have help and don’t drag furniture across the surface.

At some stage there is going to be a spill and the best way to prevent permanent staining on any surface is to clean up spills immediately. Try not to use a really wet mop, use a suitable laminate floor cleaning solution, you can buy these in your hardware store or a good supermarket. Have your floor cleaned weekly, making sure to let your floor dry thoroughly before walking on it. Vacuum the floor first to ensure that all loose dust & dirt is removed.

Following these easy care tips will help to ensure that your floors stay looking their best for years to come!

Affordable House Cleaners

Wednesday, November 4, 2009 By: Cleaner (admin)

Time For You offers a value for money and really Affordable House Cleaners. Our hourly rate is typically €15.36 inclusive of VAT & Insurance.

Our service ensures that

• You will be introduced to an experienced cleaner
• The cleaner will be dedicated to your home for as long as you require our service
• Its highly likely that your cleaner will also be working in other homes through us as well
• You choose the day of the week you require the cleaning to be done
• You can choose and vary the tasks from week to week
• Holiday cover can be arranged if required provided adequate notice is received
• We can introduce you to your cleaner usually with seven days of our meeting
• A representative of Time For You will visit to ensure that we understand your requirements fully
• There are no hidden charges, Time For You will not increase the hourly rate.

So for your own dedicated, experienced and affordable house cleaners call us today on 01 406 5426.



Monday, September 21, 2009 By: Cleaner (admin)

Do you need a house cleaner on a regular basis in Dublin?

We will introduce a cleaner to you so you don’t have to!

We know the value of free time. You deserve to spend quality time, whether it be golfing, shopping, reading a book, or simply spending time with your family. After all, your time is finite!

Life is too short to spend your free time simply cleaning..

To discuss your home cleaning requirements further call Time For You (Dublin)

on 01 406 5426 or email:

The Time For You service is focused on

  • Weekly House Cleaning service
  • Fortnightly House Cleaning Service
  • Ironing may also be included in either service
  • We cover most areas in Dublin

Our cleaners

All the cleaners on our panel are selected carefully and interviewed by us, we collect and check references, and ID is confirmed as is proof of address. You will also get to meet your cleaner before cleaning begins and you will have the same experienced cleaner for each visit. For your peace of mind Public Liability Insurance is also in place.

Our commitment

We select each cleaner carefully and our aim is to introduce you to a cleaner that we would be happy to have in our own home! For feedback from our existing clients visit the Clean my Home Testimonials section.

Time For You have been introducing cleaners to Dublin homeowners since 2006.

Request a call back on your own dedicated home cleaner today.

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