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Tatiana is a joy and we don't know what we do without her, high standards & a hard worker. Justine, Stillorgan Co. Dublin

Maria is an excellent house cleaner. I cannot give enough credit in relation to her work and also how pleasant she is when in the house. She is a real credit to you guys. Paul M. Ringsend Dublin 4.

I am very pleased with Clecia my cleaner, she has been working in my home for 6 months. We are very happy with her cleaning work. She is hardworking, efficient and leaves my home in great condition. She is also very friendly, obliging & eager to do her best. Thank You! Ciara C. Rathfarnham Dublin 16

From the initial meeting with Juliana to discuss my home cleaning requirements through to the introduction of my cleaner, Time For You has been on hand to ensure that my cleaning needs have been met. Danielle is a reliable, hardworking cleaner and extremely easy to get on with. I would be happy to recommend Time For You to anyone who is looking for a professional reliable cleaning service. James – Dublin 5

We have our house cleaner from Time For You for a couple of years and the team continuously prove themselves to be professional, reliable and efficient. Our cleaner Ligia is lovely! Siobhan - Dublin 6W

I have been very happy with the cleaning service from Time For You and with Viviani our cleaner, please pass on my positive feedback. Patrick, Dublin 2

Thank you for an excellent cleaning job in my house in Castleknock. It was amazing such attention to detail. Thank you very much, Juliana and Time For You team
Michelle – Castleknock, Dublin 15

From the beginning I have received a quality home cleaning service from Time For You. My cleaner is always reliable and works to the highest standard. Juliana Maira our cleaner is excellent. We are delighted to recommend them to others.
Daniel - Dun Laoghaire

My apartment cleaner is great!! She works very hard and is trustworthy. Our apartment looks clean and tidy every week. I'd recommend Time For You Home Cleaning Services to anyone.
Samir – Dublin 2

I have found the Time For You home cleaning service to be excellent & our cleaner Natalia has been very flexible which was wonderful for us. John. Dublin 2

We are very happy with our cleaning service from Time For You, the cleaning work is always consistent & of high quality each week. Thank you, Eoin, Irishtown, Dublin 4

Good Morning, We just received a testimonial from Greg one of our clients in Ballsbridge, Dublin 4. Greg says that he has nothing but positives to say, every week our home is excellently cleaned, bathrooms, bedrooms & kitchen are left immaculate. We are extremely satisfied. - Thank You Greg, your feedback is very much appreciated.

All is going really well, I am so happy with Elaine. She is a great worker nothing is an issue, I really would be lost with out her and I don't know why I didn't get your service years ago...." Liz, Clonsilla, Dublin 15

I just wanted to let you know that Juliana is a great house cleaner, there is never a problem all our home cleaning requirements are completed every week. Thanks, Brian Dublin 4

My husband & I both work full time so we decided to take on a cleaner about a year ago. Sean called to meet me at our home & asked about our specific requirements. He then put Elena in touch with us & she started immediately. She does a professional & thorough job each time. I have never been disappointed with the standard of cleaning work & she simply texts me with any requirements for products etc.

The Time for You home cleaning service is totally professional & has made our lives so much more enjoyable taking the pressure of housework away. I would not hesitate to recommend Sean & his team to anyone.

Claire, Dublin 15.

As you know we are moving from Spencer Dock & I just wanted to say how pleased we were with Daniela, she always did a great job. We hope to resume the home cleaning service with you when we return.
Mark B. Spencer Dock, Dublin 1.

I have had our house cleaned on a weekly basis for over a year now with Time For You and all I can say is that the service has been excellent, our cleaner Elena is wonderful, she just knows exactly what needs to be done and takes all the stress of housework away from us.
P.Cook, Monkstown, Co. Dublin.

Vivienne our cleaner is excellent, definitely more time for myself and it is a pleasure to come home when she has been. I have recommended Time For You to friends & colleagues. Thank you.
E.Murray, Hanover Quay, Dublin 4

I would like to say how satisfied we are with the service from Time For You, Maria is a pleasure, efficient, honest & very reliable. As we both work fulltime and the hours seem to get longer we can tell you that a great weight has been taken off our shoulders.
M. Clough, Adelaide Rd. Dublin 4

After having several cleaning ladies over the last two years or so can I just say how delighted I am with Catalina, her work is to a very high standard and all the weekly cleaning tasks are taken care of.
S. O'Gorman, Crumlin, Dublin 12

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Fix it Friday: Shower Shake-Up’s

Friday, September 4, 2015 By: CleanMyHome

Some quick tips to keep your shower looking cleaner.

Shower Door – If you have an old spray bottle, fill with distilled white vinegar, just spray on the glass, leave for a short time then simply wipe away. Its an easy way to remove soap & shampoo scum. Then to prevent the scum returning quickly wipe the door down with lemon or baby oil, you will find that you need to clean less frequently!

Quick cleaning of the shower-head – If you fill a small plastic bag with some vinegar  tie the bag to the shower-head, leave overnight & the job is done! ( Just make sure the shower-head is submerged in the vinegar!)

The Battle with Dog Hair

Wednesday, June 13, 2012 By: CleanMyHome

I know I’m going to offend some people but I do not like dogs! Especially ones that leave your clothes and every conceivable surface  covered in dog hair. So when Sean’s uncle died and we suddenly inherited his long haired collie Barney I wasn’t exactly over the moon. But you know he has managed to squeeze himself into a place in our home. He is a very gentle affectionate fellow and we are all very fond of him even me!

Barney - The source of all our dog hairs..!

But that does not mean that the hair issue does not arise. It is all over our house and cleaning it up has become my latest housekeeping project. Thankfully he is scared of the stairs so upstairs is a hair free zone so far. But it is everywhere else. We have a freestanding bath and the hot water pipes run behind it making a warm cosy bed for Barney and giving unsuspecting visitors to the bathroom a fright on occasion!

So what about the hairs? My friend who lives in Ranelagh tells me she washes her dog everyday with baby shampoo! That sounded like something I could try because of course Barney  would be more loveable if he smelled better. So one beautiful sunny spring morning I took Barney outside and sprayed him with the hose before proceeding to lather him up with the baby shampoo. Poor Barney didn’t know what hit him and I just wasn’t strong enough to hold him. Off he bolted like a mad thing straight on to the garden where he proceeded to roll around and around on the dirt until he turned brown! So much for that idea! I learned afterwards that dogs have natural oils and they should be shampooed only rarely. So now I stick to brushing. It helps but you really need to do it 3 times a week. I have heard that you can use the vacuum, yes on the dog, but I haven’t been brave enough to try that one yet! A good vacuum cleaner is a must for cleaning up all the hairs, another trick is to try those sheets that you use in the clothes dryer or slightly dampened rubber gloves. If you rub them over the sofa or other surface the hairs will cling and be easily removed.

Of course  to be honest the only reliable solution to a perfectly clean house all the time is never to get a dog but now we have him we wont be sending him back just yet.


Cleaning Laminate Floors

Tuesday, January 19, 2010 By: Cleaner (admin)
Category: Cleaning Tips
cleaning your laminate floor

cleaning your laminate floor

Cleaning your laminate floor

Do you have laminate flooring in your home? If so you know that it is one of the most durable and one of the most easy types to take care of. Yes laminate is low maintenance, but you must still look after it in order to preserve its appearance for years to come.

Laminate flooring is a composite, designed to be hard wearing & scratch resistant, but care must be taken from grit on shoes, and certain cleaning materials which can cause damage to the protective layer. Firstly have a good floor mat at your entrances, one outside to clear the heavy dirt from shoes and another inside, also on tables and chairs place casters or the foam pads on legs, when moving furniture ensure that you have help and don’t drag furniture across the surface.

At some stage there is going to be a spill and the best way to prevent permanent staining on any surface is to clean up spills immediately. Try not to use a really wet mop, use a suitable laminate floor cleaning solution, you can buy these in your hardware store or a good supermarket. Have your floor cleaned weekly, making sure to let your floor dry thoroughly before walking on it. Vacuum the floor first to ensure that all loose dust & dirt is removed.

Following these easy care tips will help to ensure that your floors stay looking their best for years to come!

Do you have a home cleaning tip?

Saturday, October 17, 2009 By: CleanMyHome

If you have a home cleaning tip, we would love to hear from you!

In fact during October 2009 we will give a Superquinn voucher to the value of €20.00 for the best home cleaning tip!

So get your thinking cap on we look forward to hearing your favourite home cleaning tip.

Here is one ingredient that has been in use in our family for years.

Amazing uses of Baking Soda.

1. If you have a small bowl in your fridge with some baking soda this will prevent any nasty smells.

2. I’m sure you have left the kitchen and come back to see the water has boiled out of your saucepan and you are left with a very difficult to clean black saucepan – well sprinkle liberally with baking soda and leave to rest with a little hot water, it will be then be much easier to get your saucepan clean.

3. Do you want a simple solution to clean your children’s toys? Well just make up a mixture of 1/4 cup of baking soda with approx a litre of water, either wipe down the toy with a damp cloth or submerge the toy in the mix!

Please send your cleaning tip to

Selecting a Home Cleaning Service

Keeping our homes clean and tidy is an endless chore & consumes much of our free time. If you feel your life is an endless stream of washing floors & bathrooms, vacuuming, dusting and tidying and trying to keep on top of the continuous cycle laundry & ironing, taking on a cleaning service may be your answer.

Home cleaning services companies should have experienced house cleaners, and offer such service options as:

  • A regular weekly cleaning service
  • A fortnightly cleaning service visit
  • Spring Clean or ‘One off’ type cleans
  • Or a ‘bigger’ type service such as garden or garage cleaning which may involve having a skip 

What type of service can you expect from a professional home cleaning service?

Firstly with regard to pricing you should be able to receive accurate pricing over the phone and a complete overview of the service offerings including full disclosure of any terms and conditions. Your potential provider should be prepared to visit your home to discuss your exact requirements, I believe that a home cleaning service must be tailored to each individual home owner’s requirements, after all it is your home and only you know best how you like the housekeeping chores taken care of.

At a minimum your home cleaning provider should cover the following common tasks:

  • Cleaning Kitchen areas
  • Cleaning Bathroom/Shower areas
  • Vacuuming your whole house/apartment
  • Dusting of surfaces
  • Change Bed Linen

Additional options may include: 

  • Laundry
  • Window Cleaning
  • Ironing
  • Polishing Brass / Furniture
  • Cleaning of upholstery
  • Oven Cleaning

In summary before making your final decision its always best to talk to more than one company, have a common list of questions prepared that are relevant to your home, ask for references, ask how cleaners are selected, ask what happens if you are unhappy with your cleaner, detail your requirements and ensure that everything is covered, confirm pricing before starting none of us like surprises! Check who supplies the cleaning materials, if allergies are a concern be sure to check how the cleaning company will work with you. Happy Hunting!

All our cleaners must provide us with a minimum of two Irish references.  They all have experience cleaning homes in Dublin and in most cases have been introduced as cleaners to homes through Time For You for a considerable time.  The cleaners have been providing an efficient cleaning service to our many satisfied customers.

Unfortunately it’s not always possible for each client to have one of Time For You’s existing cleaners so on occasion a client will have a new cleaner, but don’t worry remember that all prospective cleaners are interviewed in their own homes before they are accepted to our panel.  As part of the interview process we always collect references and check those references.  Proof of ID is also required and this is usually in the form of a Passport or Drivers Licence, in addition proof of address is also required.

Time For You has been operating this practice since 2006 and we have found the quality of people to be of a high standard.  Today many of our cleaners are referred to us by existing cleaners on our panel again these are experienced cleaning ladies and the fact that they are known to other cleaners on our panel gives even more added assurance.

Home Cleaning Guide from Time For You (South Dublin)

Tuesday, October 13, 2009 By: CleanMyHome

As a professional home cleaning company we can offer our clients advice and a guide to their home cleaning. 

Here is our Home Cleaning Guide in just 3 Steps; you can get control over your housework easily. You will have less stress and if you have your cleaner visiting weekly you will gain maximum return on their efforts.

1.  Daily Cleaning Bursts

It’s not nearly as time consuming as it sounds! A short burst of cleaning / tidying can get an awful lot achieved in as little time as possible. Ideally get the whole family involved for maximum impact.

2. Focus on One Room every day

One room in your home should get special attention every day. In a short period of time you’ll be able to remove clutter and tidy.  After you have completed this you will have tidy, cosy rooms, but not perfectly clean rooms. This will make a dramatic improvement and you will see results from your efforts immediately.

3. Weekly Cleaning Service

This is where Time For You get involved! Our cleaner will visit weekly to take care of those really serious cleaning jobs. A complete vacuum of your home, all floors washed, kitchen cleaned including cabinets, bathrooms & WC taken care of.  By having completed steps 1 & 2 you will have maximum return from the time your cleaner is working in your home.

Home Cleaning Tips from Time For You (South Dublin)

Tuesday, October 13, 2009 By: CleanMyHome

Time For You (South Dublin) offers a professional regular home cleaning service and has been operating in Dublin since 2006. Over this time we have gathered many home cleaning tips that our cleaners use on a daily basis.

Here are just a few home cleaning tips.

  • Stains in your sink – Light stains can be removed easily by just rubbing them with a freshly cut lemon.
  • Dark stains in your sink e.g. a rust stain; this can be cleaned by applying a borax and lemon juice paste on the stain, leave for a few minutes before rinsing clean.
  • To clean chrome taps use alcohol it’s also good for cleaning glass and the caulking around the bathtub.
  • Rings at water level in the toilet, try soaking the toilet bowl overnight in approximately a half-gallon of white vinegar do this once a month to keep rings from developing.
  • The power of Vinegar! Vinegar is great for getting rid of grease, so to make your regular washing up liquid more effective just add a couple of tablespoons of vinegar and you will also get that extra shine,.
  • Removing stickers from doors – I know that our children love stickers but then we have to remove them! Again vinegar can help, simply apply white vinegar, leave it to soak and then scrape them off.
  • How about freshening up the microwave? This is really quick and reduces your elbow effort! Place a microwave proof jug half full of water with some lemon slices added, and then switch it on until the water steams. This helps loosen any difficult marks and also leaves your microwave smelling fresh.

For more home cleaning tips just check our site regularly.

Home Cleaning, Do you just hate doing it?

Tuesday, October 13, 2009 By: CleanMyHome

Does your home need cleaning?

Are you struggling to find time to clean your home in your busy schedule?

If the answer is YES, then Time For You Home Cleaning Service are the people you have been looking for!  We provide a regular home cleaning service to meet your requirements; our cleaners are vetted, experienced & reliable & will clean your entire home.
A Time For You representative will visit your home & spend some time with you to assess your cleaning needs.  Based on the details you provide we will match you with a cleaner to suit your specific home cleaning requirements.  On an ongoing basis we are there to provide cleaning support, tips and tools. We will provide cover for your cleaner in the event of holiday or illness also in the unlikely event that you are not satisfied with we will replace the cleaner.
Look no further, Time For You Home Cleaning is the ideal service for you.

Cleaning your home will no longer be a chore you dread.

Call us for an informal discussion on how we can help clean your home.

House Cleaning Tips

Wednesday, September 30, 2009 By: Cleaner (admin)

House cleaning can get tiresome. We can spend all day it cleaning, and then just start all over again tomorrow.

Well, I don’t know what I can do to make you like house cleaning, (but you can consider taking on a good South Dublin based home cleaning service? I can recommend a good one!) but I can give you some tips to help make your housework not only easier, but also teach you ways to make your hard work a little more efficient.

This should help free up some of your time to do some of the more pleasant things in life – and have more Time For You.

If your To Do list is just too long, you can always give Time For You (Home Cleaning) a call. We will gladly come in and take some of the hassle off your hands.

Home Cleaning Tips and Hints from the Professional House Cleaners

Make a house cleaning checklist; schedule when you will clean and then stick to it. The mess will only get worse the longer you put it off.
There is no rule that says your entire home needs to be cleaned each time. If you can’t bear to do it all at once, set your schedule and for example clean the living room on Wednesday, bathrooms on Tuesdays.
and deep clean the kitchen every Friday. You can also only do one floor at a time.

As part of your preparation of the schedule, try to identify the trouble spots in your house and purchase the most appropriate cleaning products you need to clean then up. Just using hot water and elbow grease will not do a very good cleaning job so get help, there is a wide variety of products from Big Name brands, own brands and and ever growing range of Eco cleaning solutions.

Dont take on all the cleaning work on your own – I sure there are others that contribute to the mess so enlist their help. If you have children give them some responsibility and allocate a task and then change that from week to week, if you children are older assign one to the kitchen and then the other to the bathroom or laundry or washing the floors & rotate the tasks. Don’t forget to take on the irregular jobs like cleaning under the sinks and cupboards or doing a really good job dusting all the surfaces such as picture frames, skirting boards and walls. Children often like to dust I think its got to do with the opportunity to spray the house liberally with a scented spray!

Have all your cleaning supplies togather and place them in a bucket this saves time going from room to room with special cleaners or tools. Professional cleaners like carry all the cleaning supplies in one bucket.

Recomended Cleaning Supplies

Your cleaning supplies bucket should contain the following;

Glass cleaner
Soap scum remover
Furniture polish
Hand scrubbers
Sponges & a variety of cloths, use different colours for kitchen & bathroom!!
Toothbrush for scrubbing small spots

Use the right cleaning product for the surface to clean, if you are unsure read the instructions! If you look at the cleaning contents of the list above we don’t carry a lot of fancy cleaning products. We use the right product for the job, and most every surface in the home can be cleaned with just those items.

Get good quality cleaning products that are effective to do the cleaning job well. This also does not mean that you have to spend a lot of money either, some of the best cleaning products are very inexpensive. Often we use a solution of vinegar and water to damp mop lino, wood and vinyl floors. It works really well and is most likely the lest expensive product for cleaning available (Other than plain water of course!).


You really should get clutter free. This is a hard one. We all like stuff too, your rooms will feel kind of bare at first, but trust me, you’ll get used to it, (you’ll actually come to prefer it) and it makes cleaning up an absolute breeze!!

We have all seen houses that are cluttered, and nothing you do will make it really look clean. There were too many piles of stuff. So recycle the old magazines, and remove as much clutter as possible.